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Highland Retail

Highland Retail

Highland Retail Core Range

The retail range reflects our goal to supply the domestic market with prime quality venison and make a connection between the Scottish Countryside and the British consumer.

We aimed to meet the requirements from buyers and consumers with a range ideal for time poor but nevertheless health and quality conscious consumers.

We have found that our family, child-friendly retail range products and image work as a palatable introduction, encouraging customers to try the rest of our range and be more adventurous with their recipes.

Highland Game offers a retail range of Burgers, Grillsteaks, Meatballs, Medallions, Sausages, Scottish Slimmers Sausages and Steaks.

  • Burgers: 250g, 2 Burgers/pack
  • Grillsteaks: 300g, 2 Grillsteaks/pack
  • Meatballs: 300g, 12 Meatballs - Italian Style/Pack
  • Medallions: 260g, 6 Medallions/pack
  • Sausages with Cranberry: 300g, 6 Sausages/pack
  • Scottish Slimmers Sausages: 270g, 6 Sausages/pack with even lower salt and fat (only 55 cal per sausage)
  • Steaks: 260g, 2 chunky Steaks/pack

By Sainsbury Range

By Sainsbury Range

Highland Game is the chosen supplier for the "By Sainsbury" venison range. Sainsbury’s very own venison brand, "By Sainsbury" offers a classical core range of bestselling family favourites;

  • Venison Sausages 300g, Pack of 6
  • Venison Burgers 227g, Pack of 2
  • Venison Grill Steaks 300g, Pack of 2

Chef's Selection For Tesco

Chef's Selection for Tesco

Highland Game's Chef's Selection has been developed exclusively for Tesco, Scotland, by the Chef Willie Pike, MBE and Maxine Clark, Cookery Writer & Food Stylist. All products come with inspiring easy-to-follow recipes and serving suggestions. Highland Game's Chef's Selection is presented in distinctive black sleeves carrying the private Chef's Selection crest.

  • Chef's Selection Venison Sausages: 300g, 6 Sausages in a pack
  • Chef's Selection Venison Burgers: 227g, 2 "Quarter Pounder" Venison Burgers in a pack
  • Chef's Selection Venison Meatballs: 300g, 12 Meatballs in a pack
  • Chef's Selection Venison Grill Steaks: 300g, 2 "Man Size" oval Grill Steaks
  • Chef's Selection Diced Venison: 400g, Diced Venison in a Red Wine, Rosemary & Thyme marinade
  • Chef's Selection Venison Steaks: 350g, 2 Steaks with Whisky Jus
  • Chef's Selection Loin of Venison: 225g

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