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Highland Retail

Highland Retail

Our core range has been refreshed with new fresh modern product images on our distinct black & white Highland game sleeves. The new look was launched on 6th of March 2014 and currently Sainsbury and Morrisons do stock the refreshed packs.

Our core retail range was developed to be tasty, healthy, affordable, traceable, accessible and straight forward.

Highland Retail Core Range

Highland Retail Core Range

Highland Game offers a retail range of Burgers, Grillsteaks, Meatballs, Medallions, Sausages, Scottish Slimmers Sausages and Steaks.

  • Burgers: 250g, 2 Burgers/pack
  • Grillsteaks: 300g, 2 Grillsteaks/pack
  • Meatballs: 300g, 12 Meatballs - Italian Style/Pack
  • Medallions: 260g, 6 Medallions/pack
  • Sausages with Cranberry: 300g, 6 Sausages/pack
  • Scottish Slimmers Sausages: 270g, 6 Sausages/pack with even lower salt and fat (only 55 cal per sausage)
  • Steaks: 260g, 2 chunky Steaks/pack

Chef's Selection For Tesco

Chef's Selection for Tesco

Highland Game's Chef's Selection has been developed exclusively for Tesco, Scotland, by the Chef Willie Pike, MBE and Maxine Clark, Cookery Writer & Food Stylist. All products come with inspiring easy-to-follow recipes and serving suggestions. Highland Game's Chef's Selection is presented in distinctive black sleeves carrying the private Chef's Selection crest.

  • Chef's Selection Venison Sausages: 300g, 6 Sausages in a pack
  • Chef's Selection Venison Burgers: 227g, 2 "Quarter Pounder" Venison Burgers in a pack
  • Chef's Selection Venison Meatballs: 300g, 12 Meatballs in a pack
  • Chef's Selection Venison Grill Steaks: 300g, 2 "Man Size" oval Grill Steaks
  • Chef's Selection Diced Venison: 400g, Diced Venison in a Red Wine, Rosemary & Thyme marinade
  • Chef's Selection Venison Steaks: 350g, 2 Steaks with Whisky Jus
  • Chef's Selection Loin of Venison: 225g

The retail range reflects our goal to supply the domestic market with prime quality venison and make a connection between the Scottish Countryside and the British consumer.

We aimed to meet the requirements from buyers and consumers with a range ideal for time poor but nevertheless health and quality conscious consumers.

We have found that our family, child-friendly retail range products and image work as a palatable introduction, encouraging customers to try the rest of our range and be more adventurous with their recipes.

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