International Suppliers

To complement our Scottish wild venison range and offer choice to our customers we also source quality assured farmed venison from Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand.

"Silver Fern Farms is a farmer cooperative group, aiming to produce and provide the best red meat in the world."

Silver Fern Farms venison is reared as nature intended, on the lush, green pastures of free-range farms in one of the purest lands in the world. All venison is grass-fed and raised with care by their collective New Zealand farmers. These qualities, combined with Silver Ferns commitment to the highest levels of food safety, ensure a high profile strong international brand.

Silver Fern Farms FarmIQ is a sophisticated system designed to help the farmers analyse information on the quality of their product so they can make more informed decisions around how they farm, and match what they produce to what consumers want to eat.

Silver Fern works closely with selected and approved farmers, collecting and sharing information, key insights and feedback from consumers before trialing new techniques on farm.

In turn the plants are able to deliver new and innovative, premium cuts and make even greater improvements to the eating quality. All venison can be can be traced and the provenance of the meat, will give the consumers even greater confidence in the quality and safety of the food they eat.

Silver Fern aim to create the world’s best red meat experiences for everyone to share.