The Story of Highland Game

Highland Game, was founded in 1997, by Danish entrepreneur Christian Nissen, when he acquired the production unit from a poultry & game dealer in Dundee. Christian had a clear vision from the very start to achieve wider popularity of venison by making it available through mainstream retail channels.

At the time, venison was not widely consumed in the UK and was mainly sold through butchers and delicatessens. In fact, in 1997 just 5% of venison produced in the UK was consumed domestically, with 95% exported, mainly to France and Germany.

Over the years, Highland Game has successfully created awareness and sales of venison – daily supplying ASDA, Aldi, Coop, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose as well as to manufacturers and distributors of the catering and restaurant trade, in UK including Costco, Booker and on the Continent.

The company has also launched 3 cook books; "The Name of the Game", "Venison" and "7 Days in Scotland" backed with Venison Master Classes and Cookery Tours throughout the country.

Today, Highland Game is the market leader and influencer, employing over 100 members of staff.