Burger with a Twist

Highland Game has been pushed for years to come up with something different, something to complement their popular and well established venison range. Long time coming - the “Speciality” range was launched in April 2015, offering a selection of rare meats of British as well as international origin.

To crown the brand launch, Highland Game offered the yummy gastro style Buffalo burger, a meaty burger with a full bite feel. The Buffalo burger with a twist, made with tender Buffalo meat, perfectly blended with onion & seasoning under the new sub brand “Speciality” is currently on promotion in Sainsbury and Morrison’s stores in Scotland.

Tesco is following up with a promotion, in store from the 20th of May. Perfect timing, with the Bank Holiday and the BBQ season around the corner.

Buyers and consumers alike crave for something new, something different – they ask for alternative and choice - the “Speciality” Buffalo Burger seems to tick all boxes.

Don’t be shy….why not stack two Buffalo Burgers on top of each other?!  

Serving Suggestion:

Serve these delicious moist buffalo burgers stacked on top of each other on a toasted bun, sandwiched with chilli tomato sauce and guacamole , topped with crispy tempura battered onion rings and a side of herb crusted roasted sweet potato wedges for a true feast.

Or, simply split and toast your favourite bun and spread the base with a little creamed horseradish , then some crunchy salad, set a cooked buffalo burger on top, spread on caramelised onion relish then cover  with a thick slice of, why not buffalo mozzarella. Flash under the grill until melted, place the remaining toasted bun on top - tuck in.

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