Our Cookbook 'Venison' by Maxine Clark

Highland Game is proud to present our new and innovative cookbook, ‘Venison’ by Maxine Clark.

Venison’ presents a fresh and modern collection of recipes, mixing a range of our current favourite recipes with some exceptional new modern dishes. Maxine aspires to help you enjoy Venison as part of your every day diet and not just for special occasions.

Bring the real taste of the Highlands into your kitchen with the Award Winning Fillet of Venison, served on a thinly shredded bed of radicchio or serve a mouth watering Gooseberry and Mint Glazed Venison Roast with a colourful medley of roasted vegetables.

Sample the tempting selection of butters and marinades to beautifully compliment Wild Scottish Venison or why not cook a delicious traditional family favourite with a twist such as Venison Stroganoff or Lasagne.

Try our recipes especially designed for the Pavé of Venison. The delicious choice includes Pavé of Venison with Blueberry and Port Sauce and Pavé of Venison served with Basil and Sun-dried Tomato Butter.

‘Venison’ also includes essential and quick step-by-step guidelines for cooking the perfect Pavé of Venison, Fillet and Medallions of Venison.

Maxine Clark is an award-winning cookery writer, inspired cookery teacher and talented food stylist. She has taught in well-known cooking schools such as Leith’s in London and Alistair’s Little Tasting Places in Sicily and Tuscany. Her work appears regularly in ‘BBC Good Food’ magazine and ‘Food and Travel’.   

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