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The Home-Made Monarch Burger

The Home-Made Monarch Burger

Adding a little cream or mayonnaise to the burger mixture will keep the Venison moist. Do not overcook or the burger will become dry.



Serves 4

For the burger: 4 tbsp. Olive oil/ 1 Medium Onion, very finely chopped/ 500g minced venison 1 small egg, beaten/ 4 tbsp double cream or mayonnaise (optional)

To assemble the burger;

4 interesting & delicious rolls or buns/ guacamole, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, dips and relishes/ salt & freshly ground black pepper


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Heat half the oil in a frying pan and add the onions. Cool until soft and golden brown. Cool. Mix the venison with the onions, then work in the egg and cream or mayonnaise (optional). Season very well with salt and pepper and mix well until the mixture comes together. Divide into four and, using damp hands, shape into thick patties.

Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook over a medium heat for about 4 minutes on each side for MEDIUM, less if you like them MEDIUM RARE. The burgers should be nice and crunchy on the outside.

Choose your favourite roll or bun, split and toast lightly on the cut sides. Spoon a generous dollop of generous dollop of guacamole onto the base of the base of the bun and cover with ripe tomatoes, top with the cooked burger, a few finely sliced red onions and serve with or without the lid. Serve with extra fresh dips and relishes on the lid. Instead of chips, serve a pile of mixed vegetable crisps.

Healthy Option:

Choose your favourite roll or bun, split and toast lightly on the cut sides. Using a potato, shave long strips from a cucumber and carrot, then marinate for 5-10 minutes in a light dressing or in Teriyaki marinade. Spoon some tomato salsa onto the base of the bun, top with the cooked burger, add a few baby spinach leaves then top with a pile of cucumber and carrot ribbons. Serve with or without the lid.


* Cheesy Chilli Burgers- add 1tsp. Mild chilli powder and 75g grated strong cheddar to the basic mixture.  *Gherkin and pickle burger- add 2 tbsp finely chopped gherkins and 2 tbsp. Branston Pickle to the basic mixture.

* Tomato, Pine Nut & Anchovy Burgers – add 1 tbsp. Tomato puree, 1tbsp toasted pine nuts and 2 drained chopped anchovy fillets to the basic mixture.


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