A film about Highland Game - from hill to plate

Over the last year we have let the Scottish film producer, Rob Bryce from Bluestone Films, document our business – from hill to plate. Rob has followed our team, our suppliers and buyers; he has talked to the industry players and the expertise that represents the Scottish venison trade of today.

The film is divided into three sections; the status of venison today, the sourcing and the work on the hill, finishing with the processing at our plant in Dundee.  The film show what we do, how and why we do it.

With open doors, we let you have a clear insight to our business, giving you a grasp of the factors and aspects that we need to take into account to meet the wholesale & retail market demands.

As challenging as the Scottish climate might be during the deer cull, as challenging it’s been to streamline the sourcing and venison production to match today’s food legislation, consistently supplying premium standard to the very competitive meat trade. This can only be achieved by working closely together.

The film is documenting the work of our company and the many people in the Scottish Highlands, who make it possible for us to produce and make venison accessible in over 1000 retail outlets in the UK. It is portraying how crucial QUALITY is for us to stay in the game and safeguard the future of the Scottish venison industry.

Not only do we work to the highest hygiene standards in the EU, we continually strive to forge closer partnerships with our suppliers to exceed our stringent controls and add value to our expanding range of quality venison products.

This film is not only a testimony to our love of venison and respect for our wild deer - it’s also an appreciation of everyone who works with us to bring this natural healthy food to our discerning consumers.

To watch the intro of the film please Click Here.

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