Highland Game's new refreshed range into Sainsbury

Sainsbury will stock a wide range of Highland Games newly refreshed retail range - going into 250 stores in Scotland & England from Monday 10th of March.

All the products come in Highland Game’s distinct glossy black and white sleeves with new product images and a fresh look & feel.

Try succulent venison steaks with “Master Chef” cooking guidelines for the ultimate steak experience, diced venison ideal for casseroles, yummy pies & curries, venison burgers with a new delicious garlic cheese melt for that little extra touch- perfect for quick mid week meals as well as something different for the BBQ, then sample a true classic, our Venison sausages with cranberry.

Our family favourite and top seller, venison meatballs now come with a sachet of Mediterranean tomato sauce, in the Sainsbury range - delicious, easy & quick to cook, serve with pasta and a sprinkle of parmesan or toasted pine kernels.

AND for everyday cooking and fuss free BBQ, sample man size grill steaks made from minced venison & pork, 300, 2 in a pack.

Sainsbury is following the trend, venison is the fastest growing meat product in many of the leading supermarkets and the sales are shooting up.

Christian Nissen, Managing Director of Highland Game said; we have worked closely with the Sainsbury team to meet their special requests. The brief was very clear - Sainsbury wanted something new & different for their customers. We love the new Burger cheese melts and the Mediterranean sauce for the meatballs  - it really lifts the taste with that extra twist & oomph.

We are also looking at developing “Butcher shop” cuts for the Sainsbury Meat Counters which would offer consumers more venison specifications and more of a unique edge from the Scottish Highlands.

Product Weight Notes/Extras
Highland Game venison burger with Cheese & Garlic melt 250g, 2 per pack  
Highland Game Venison Sausages with cranberry 300g, 6 per pack  
Highland Game Venison Meatballs with a Mediterranean sauce sachet 400g, 12 in pack Gluten free
Highland Game Diced Venison 300g  
Highland Game Venison Steaks 250g  
Highland Game Grill Steaks 300g  

For further information please contact: Ingela Nissen, PR & Marketing Coordinator ikn@highlandgame.com or 01382-827088, 07801078034

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