Mayfield Family Fun Day - a Woodlands In and Around Town (WIAT) community health and wellbeing event

The Mayfield Family Fun Day - a Woodlands In and Around Town Event, organized by Forestry Commission Scotland was well received and the team met a positive community response, with a good family turn out.

The community health and wellbeing event (WIAT) offered a fun, interactive, healthy lifestyle day for all ages.

The visitors got to sample grill steaks, meatballs and sausages cooked a bit alfresco on a grill. Venison burgers, steaks, dice and Stir Fry could also be tried to show the versatility and range available. The Forestry Commission Scotland need for wildlife management was explained, the provenance of venison, the food chain links to Highland Game and the supply chain outlets for the products were highlighted.

The team lead by Catriona and John Franchetti, got plenty of ‘thumbs up’from the crowd, lots of first time venison experiences. All ingredients came from Aldi; to show case that venison is easy to get hold of, affordable and something that everyone can Cook and try at home. A lot of the first time venison eaters, walked away declaring that they would be happy to buy & serve the meatballs, burgers and grill steaks at home – easy and quick to serve with convenient sauces.

There is still a huge part of the British public who have never tried venison and don’t know what it is…. But we are on a mission.

Thank you to Cat & John, our Venison Ambassadors and to Forestry Commission, Scotland for their great impact initiatives for our industry.

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