Red Deer Stalking for Highland Game, just in time for the Bard by Euan Ross

In the spirit of the Bard, there is no better way to celebrate Burns Night than dining on a fine hand cut Wild Scottish Venison steak, knowing that you have actually gone out on the hill to experience the wild beauty, drama and intensity of it.

Highland Game has been very busy this season preparing to supply the additional requirement necessary to satisfy our demand for Burns Night. Over the course of this week we are expecting to sell in the region of 18,000 packs of wild Scottish Venison steaks on a national promotion into one retailer alone. This is equivalent to providing from 700-750 hinds, just for Burns Night!

My story is about the effort and resilience required to go on the hill in an attempt to stalk a Red Deer. As Sales & Marketing manager at Highland Game, this is the natural way to develop my understanding of our ethos from hill to plate  whose values are deep routed in Tradition, Precision and Vision. To read more about my story stalking at one of Scotland's finest estates, please click on link: deer stalking by Euan Ross.pdf

To put my efforts into perspective, after one whole day of stalking the hind that we brought off the hill and into the larder, then on to Highland Game offered us the equivalent of 44 steaks or 22 packs, in a 250g retail pack form. This is only possible due to the fantastic work undertaken by the sophisticated network that partner us, including expert marksmen, stalkers, ghillies, landowners and dedicated drivers, that in all-weather serve both the Scottish Forestry Commission and the many estates in Scotland and North of England. What makes our steaks so special and celebrated by many, is down to the dedication and expertise of our highly skilled butchers and support team at Highland Game, which without compromise deliver on every occasion.

Highland Game Wild Scottish Venison Steaks are currently available in-store at Aldi and Morrisons across the United Kingdom and Tesco, Waitrose and Co-op Scotland.

Celebrate in style with this delicious recipe amongst friends and family at this very nostalgic time.

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