Sainsbury is going wild! 28/10/2014 PRESS RELEASE

Sainsbury has followed suit and picked up on the huge demand for venison, launching not only one venison range but two with national distribution, in store from the 29th of October, supplied by Highland Game, Dundee Scotland.

"Taste the Difference", is offering Scottish wild venison, Steaks 250g, pack of 2, £7, chunky & tasty yet healthy, Diced Venison 300g, £4/pack perfect for winter warming dishes and Venison Meatballs £3.50/pack for family dishes.

"By Sainsbury" is offering a classic core range of venison sausages, 300g pack of 6 for £2.70, burgers 227g pack of 2, £2.70 and venison grill steaks, 300g pack of 2 for £2.70. Sainsbury is also stocking Highland Game’s Scottish Slimmer’s venison sausages with lower fat content and only 57 calories per sausage.

The Managing Director, at Highland Game Christian Nissen, said; - "We are pleased that Sainsbury has committed to a broad venison range offering the consumers great choice for every occasion, from every day dishes to dinner party entertaining. These two new ranges is a seal of Highland Game’s aim to make Scottish venison available throughout UK. Our venison sits proud on the supermarket shelves and is getting more and more space in our supermarkets. The demand is shooting up and our challenge is now to source enough for the growing market."

Fatima Khan, Turkey, Duck, Game & Breaded Poultry Buyer for Sainsbury's said; - "Venison has been a growing trend over the last couple of years, with many new customers enjoying the flavour of this lean meat. I'm very excited to be launching our new Sainsbury's range of wild Scottish venison and expect the growing trend to continue".

For more information on Highland Game please contact Marketing and PR Coordinator, Ingela Nissen. Office number: 01382 827 088 E-mail:


• Venison is an ideal alternative to other red meat, easier to digest, cholesterol and saturated fat free. It is a healthy, natural, Scottish heritage product and has high customer demand. It is exceptionally rich in protein, essential vitamins and minerals and is a particularly rich source of vitamin B-complex, making it an excellent food source to include in a well-balanced diet and particularly so in the current health-conscious climate.

• Highland Game is a multi award winning Scottish company that serves the UK and has received accreditation and recognition of the company’s quality, production methods, ethos, performance and marketing, in Scotland and nationally. For awards see reviews & awards

• Highland Game products are available throughout the UK. Stockist list

• Highland Game is EC approved, the only venison processor accredited with BRC certification in Scotland. And is also a member of the Scottish Quality Wild Venison Accreditation Scheme which gives quality assurance to the customers by ensuring that all products are traceable.

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