Venison and Red Pepper Casserole

Venison and Red Pepper Casserole

This could easily become a family favourite. A simple stew made more interesting by the addition of red peppers. If you don't like red peppers use sliced carrot, parsnip or even pumpkin or squash instead. You needn't use wine for an everyday dish- substitute stock with a dash of red wine vinegar. Add a blob of crème fraiche for a richer sauce.



Serves 4

500g diced venison/ 3 tbsp. plain white flour/ 2 tbsp. olive oil

2 onions/ 1 garlic clove/ 2 celery sticks, diced

2 red peppers, halved, seeded and sliced/ 300ml of game or beef stock

300ml dry red wine/ 1 bay leaf

salt and freshly ground black pepper


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Pat the venison dry with kitchen paper and toss with the flour. Heat the olive oil in a casserole dish and quickly brown the venison all over. Add the onions, the crushed garlic clove, celery and red peppers. Cook for a few minutes until the onions are golden and the vegetables starting to soften. Pour in the game stock, red wine and bay leaf and stir well. Season with salt and pepper. Bring to the boil, cover then simmer gently for about 2 hours or until the venison is tender. 

Alternatively simmer in the oven at 160C/325F/Gas Mark 3.

Top up with extra stock or water as necessary.

Serve with mash potato, noodles or pasta and steamed broccoli.


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